More documentation including troubleshooting articles, configuration examples, and deployment guides are available in our Knowledge Base (support contract required).

If you have a question or problem that is not resolved with the documentation, contact us to set up a support contract.

TACACS+ Advantages

This white paper explains the importance of TACACS+, how the protocol works, and best practices. (PDF 192 KB)

Configuration Guide

Full instructions on configuring the TACACS+ server, including client groups, authentication methods, authorization policies, performance optimization, and other details. (PDF 664 KB)

Enhanced Logging

Instructions on configuring enhanced logging for Advanced 2.1.0 and later. (PDF 210 KB)


End User License Agreement for the software. (RTF 67 KB)

Quickstart Guide

Brief instructions on getting the TACACS+ server up and running within minutes. (PDF 28 KB)

Multi-Factor Authentication

Deployment guide for enabling and using multi-factor authentication with Google Authenticator. (PDF 289 KB)


The Readme file includes general information on the software installation and default settings. (RTF 23 KB)

Configuration Files

These are the original configuration files in case you changed them and didn’t create a backup.